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WAUG Pink Kawasan Canyoneering Private Tour

US$ 66.53
US$ 66.96
Available from tomorrow4.9See reviews  >
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  • 24 Hours Confirmation24 Hours Confirmation
  • Duration of 12 hoursDuration of 12 hours
  • 2 people2 people
  • Hotel pick upHotel pick up
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • Korean,EnglishKorean,English



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I really handy to you for pick-up and drop. Please guides minutes had really nice! In Korean haejusigo joke, where are you going to let me know how slippery friendly. Diving courses are really lot. From 1 meter to 15 meters! 15 m ttwisi I really like what is going to recommend haeyong Oh you arrive in the first minutes the staff had to eat caviar and former sineunde yeojjwobo whether, caviar nyeoning and what to eat instant noodles to eat caviar nyeoning nyeoning. If you eat hurts body and vigorous activity times. If you do suffer more and eating really ..! Anyway, I recommend deuryeoyo sure !!! Did halgeol to the whale shark was hesitant because the early hours of departure, doegeodeunyo sleep hours long car ride to go there. enjoy your trip!! + Take waterproof pack! There is a space to put a waterproof pack on the life jacket, and the guide will take a picture every time you come to a beautiful place on your cell phone and take a dive.


'Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour'

"Would you like to try out Canyoneering with us?

Our activity is full of exciting experiences. Kawsan is one of the world's top spots that has attracted many adventure seekers, especially the Z-generation. Our WAUG Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour is a top choice for many, as opposed to joining the Oslob Whale Shark Tour. We have created this tour with great care and attention to detail. Some differences make our Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour unique.

Firstly, it has a WAUG base camp. Our professional guide will accompany you throughout the Badian exploration for a full canyoneering experience.

Why not dive in immediately and discover how our WAU Pink Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour differs from other tours? It's worth a try!


Enjoy the thrill to the fullest,
Cebu Kawsan Canyoneeirng Private Tour

Are you ready to experience an adrenaline-filled adventure like no other? Look no further than the Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour in Cebu, Philippines. With this tour, you can jump off a 30m cliff for diving and cross the canyon for the perfect thrill. 

This private tour is incomparable to other tours, as it is only available for a group for privacy and includes all necessary equipment and free admission tickets. Plus, we offer a WAUG-only base camp and instant messaging service via Kakao Talk. With an English-speaking guide, you can get all the details about canyoneering preparation and dive right into the fun adventure. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience in Cebu with the Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour!

We care for your safety,
All your safety on us! 

Here's our crew that will stand on your side for this pink tour! These guardians will greatly support and hold you back during the Kawsan Canyoneering Private Tour. 

Have trust in us, we guarantee, it is going to be the best WAUG Originals tour. 

Enjoy this
First base camp in the world

This tour is scheduled more tightly than you think. That's why it is necessary to have a base camp, which has provoked jealousy from other tourists. WAUG Originals has created a base camp offering a resting area for tourists. WAUG Originals make a difference from other tour products! Enjoy this high-quality tour with your friends, family, and significant others.

Let's introduce the tour itinerary

1. 05:00 AM - Pick-up at your hotel lobby
Although it may be too early to meet for pick-up, we are committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable drive. If you feel hungry during our tour to Kawasan, please let us know in advance so we can make a stop at Jollibee for a quick hamburger bite. Our team has put much effort into ensuring everyone has a great tour experience. We look forward to sharing this moment with you.

2. 08:00 AM - Arrive at Canyoneering Base Camp to rest & in preparation for Canyoneering
Are you down to enjoy canyoneering to the fullest? The schedule might be tighter than you think. That's why there needs to be a place to rest, so we all created a base camp that brings envy from other travelers. WAUG originals bring a space to rest at the base camp. Plus, once you have experienced the Kawasan Canyoneering Private Tour, you can return to relax at the WAUG Originals base camp.

3. 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM - Explore Badian with full canyoneering! 
With a professional guide, you can have fun canyoneering to the fullest. Remember that canyoneering activities can be dangerous, so it is important to enjoy them safely. WAUG Originals has always stood on with 'pinkmen' who are always waiting to assist you with canyoneering. Plus, in the base camp, a staff member with a certificate in emergency care will always be waiting for emergency calls. All your safety matters are in our hands; keep all the worries away! 

4. 01:30 PM -  Tour ends
On move to Cebu, and arrive 05:00 PM to tour ends. 

Why picking WAUG Originals is vital?
Let's find out about it from the following

1. We strictly care and plan the tour

WAUG has lots of travel products to offer the purchasers. However, WAUG Originals is something different from other products. It's because we have selectively picked on these WUAG Originals having thought of as if we are the travelers on the travel destination. We strictly plan out and operate the tour, like picking on local operators, private vehicles, guides qualifications or skills, vehicle conditions, whether the tour programs are efficient or will be perfect for the tourists, and many other various levels to go through, to provide the ideal tour than any other travel agencies or companies. Trust us: WAUG Originals offers you the best out of the best. 

2. Looking for different? Only in WAUG

WAUG is officially partnered with the best partners to lead a result of unique and different tours from others.

According to the feedback of thousands and tens of thousands of customers, WAUG offers the perfect tour routes via 'WAUG Originals Tours.' Regarding the title of the WAUG brand name, we will always care for the best outcome for the tour for the purchasers. We don't just create the most efficient, caring, and different tours; we guarantee that your experience will be worth it by joining the WAUG Originals tour.

Tour Course

WAUG Pink Kawasan Canyoneering Private Tour



What's Included

  • Free pick-up & drop-off service (private vehicle)
  • Pick-up guidelines via Kakao Talk 
  • Certified canyoneering tour guide
  • Admission fee and canyoneering equipment (life vest, helmet, towel)
  • Canyoneering photography service

What's Not Included

  • Aqua shoes
  • Breakfast & Lunch (on-site)
  • Badian Canyoneering additional cost (1 person 1000 PHP)
  • Personal expenses/ Camera/ extra clothing or personal items
  • Gratitude 
  • Travel Insurance

How To UseHow To Use

  • Once confirmed your reservation, you will receive a mobile ticket via email or the WAUG app.
  • Only available to use on the selected date only. 
  • Show your mobile or printed voucher to your guide at the meeting point. 
  • Make sure to answer back to the pick-up guidelines for confirmation via Kakao Talk. 
  • At the pick-up address, make sure to confirm your legal name on the voucher and quantity of guests to start the tour. 

Meeting Point :
Meet at your hotel lobby

Meeting Time :
Meeting times vary depending on the hotel. You will be notified of the meeting time at around 09:00 PM a day before the tour. Please contact the emergency contact listed on your voucher if you do not receive a message about the meeting time. Please make sure to send a confirmation response after reviewing the [Pick-up time information and reservation confirmation KakaoTalk] sent the day before the scheduled date.

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation voucher.
  • This is an exclusive tour product for only group members. WAUG is not responsible for problems arising from tourists arbitrarily shared tours.
  • Please make sure to include accurate information; we are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by inaccurate details you fill out. 
  • Due to weather or local circumstances, the details of the tour or programs may be subject to change or cancel. 
  • If the tour is canceled or changed, we will notify you at least one hour before the tour starts, starting with guidelines. Please make sure to check your Kakao Talk for details on the change or cancellation. 
  • This tour requires physical movement and energy. Please understand that the elderly and children are not permitted to participate.
  • The pick-up and drop-off location varies via the hotel, which may be subject to change due to local circumstances. 
  • Before the use of 3 days, the pick-up and drop-off locations may not be able to be changed. 
  • No-shows or late arrivals cannot be changed or refunded.
  • Please do not attempt to make a reservation if you are currently pregnant, suffer from a chronic illness such as high blood pressure or heart disease, or are experiencing certain health problems such as the flu, high fever, or poor physical condition. We kindly ask that you refrain from making a reservation in order to ensure the safety and well-being of all our guests.
  • This tour will be held overseas, so all the responsibility goes to the local tour agency, which applies to local insurance. 
  • We recommend registering for travel insurance before you board a flight.
  • Make sure to follow the tour guidelines and safety regulations. 
  • WAUG is not responsible for accidents that may arise from individual carelessness or noncompliance with directions in the guide.
  • Accidents (drowning, abrasions, etc.) may occur during the tour. Please follow safety guidelines and wear safety equipment to prevent unforeseen accidents.
  • Please do not bring valuables and electronic devices to the tour. We will not store your valuables, and WAUG is not responsible for the loss or damage of valuables during the tour.
  • If you are drunk, the tour is unavailable. If you are drunk, please let us know in advance via Kakao Talk or the guide. By hiding this fact and processing the tour, you will be responsible for any accidents or problems that occur, and we will not make any promises about compensation for your accidents during the tour. 
Pick-Up Information :
  • The meeting time varies depending on the hotel. We will notify you of the pick-up details by 09:00 PM a day before the tour. (If you do not receive any notice by 09:00 PM a day before the tour, please contact WAUG's customer service.)
  • Please reply to the pick-up notice, as miscommunication may result in no pick-up.
  • The pick-up time is subject to change depending on local weather and traffic conditions. The tour itinerary is subject to change and cancellations as well.
  • Pick-up is only available from spa shops and resort lobbies in Mactan and Cebu City.
  • Pick-ups/drop-offs from Airbnb and some resorts are not available. In that case, you can be picked up and dropped off nearby. 
  • Arrival 10 minutes later than the reservation time will be deemed a no-show, in which case no refund will be made. We will off to the travel destination after 10 minutes wait. 
  • Please check out of your hotel at least 15 minutes before the meeting time.
  • Pick-up/drop-off from two hotels is available at an additional charge. ( Each location will incur 300 PHP of additional charge.)
  • If you want to join the tour immediately after getting off a flight, you can be picked up from the lobby of Mactan Waterfront Hotel & Casino, the condo area in Mactan Newtown, in front of Newtown McDonald’s.
  • The pick-up time may be subject to change due to the hotel's location, traffic jam, weather, or any local circumstance. 
  • The Badian Canyoneering is payable on-site (1 person = 1000 PHP).
  • Due to local conditions, the canyoneering may be subject to change, which will be notified by the Philippine agency. Please be kindly understandable for canceling on your way to canyoneering or for moving to canyoneering. 
  • Every third Wednesday of every month is a clean-up day, which can cause the cancellation of the tour or replace it with another tour. (Due to local circumstances, the cleaning days may be subject to change; please understand the change of date). 

Cancellation and Refund

• This product will notify you of the confirmation after 3 days from your purchase date (Monday - Friday 10:00 - 06:00 PM/ excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays).
• Cancellation made after confirmation, we follow the following rules.
• Please make sure to keep notes on the Terms and Conditions before the purchase.
• If you change/cancel this product after the reservation is confirmed, a fee according to the special Travel Terms and Conditions will be applied according to Article 5 (Special Terms and Conditions).
- Cancellation 21 days before the use: Full Refund
- Cancellation 8-20 days before the use: A 20% deduction fee occurs before the refund.
- Cancellation 2-7 days before the use: A 60% deduction fee occurs before the refund.
- Cancellation a day beore or on the day of use: No Refund avilable.

• Cancellation/Refund will be accepted during WAUG business hours (Monday - Saturday: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays). After business days or dates may be considered after the business hours/ dates.
• After canceling during business hours, please get confirmation of your cancellation.
• After canceling 2 days before the selected date in accordance with business hours, you must have confirmation of cancellation. Without cancellation, and did not participate in the tour, it will be counted as a no-show, and no refund will be made.
• Please make sure to reply for confirmation of the pick-up hours and guidelines via Kakao Talk.
Customer Service
US$ 66.53
US$ 66.96

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