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Art gallery & Exhibition

teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM Admission Ticket

US$ 26.9810%
US$ 24.28
Available from tomorrow5.0See reviews  >
Tokyo >


  • Instant ConfirmationInstant Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation unavailableCancellation unavailable
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

❣️Please keep in mind tickets tend to sell out quickly, especially for specific time slots. For the ones who could not purchase the tickets you desire, try to keep switching the hours, so you might able to make the reservation!



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It's so pretty and so fun! There was a lot to experience in each exhibition. It was an exhibition that anyone, regardless of gender or age, could enjoy. 


All at once, a museum with flowers & a garden,
Tokyo Toyosu teamLab Planets! 

Check out this hot attraction, teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM, and see nine unique artworks! Experience this immersive concept of “body immersion.” Become one world with others, explore indoor and outdoor art installations with your body, and go barefoot! Explore and enjoy!


Become part of artworks,
teamLab Planets Tokyo!

Break the boundary of world and art! Create a continuity of self, art, and others to explore the desolvation of humans and the natural world. A place that grabbed the world’s attention and is enjoyed in various locations worldwide.

It has opened countries like the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Tokyo, the birthplace of teamLab Planets. Explore this exhibit in an international city, and listen to their stories! 

Go on barefoot for this truly immersive experience! 

You become part of the artwork in teamLab Planets! With your movement, feel the trail of light changing and scattering. 

This 'body immersive' instructs you to remove your shoes, socks, stockings, and any footwear! Plus, you cannot enter in short skirts since it is mirrored floor space! However, to keep on good clothes, we recommend putting on clothes. You can rent shorts on-site and put all your belongings, like socks, footwear, and more, in a separate locker. 

Check out how teamLab Planet is sectioned!

TeamLab Planets in Tokyo is secioned into 1 and 2 zones! You may see more in section 1 than 2, so check out section 1 first! 

Introducing the main theme of teamLab Planets: 

There are Infinite of crystals of the universe is a place with sparking crystals that change colors based on the light, creates a wonderful place. With three-dimensional objects, it is a perfect spot for taking pictures. The Drawing on the Water Surface Created by Dance of Koi and People is t
he exhibition features Koi swimming on the surface stretches, colliding with people and turning into colorful winter followers falling to form vibrant displays. Lastly, The Matter is Void - Fire is for anyone can download the artwork, which is the first teamLAB NFT piece!

Get to explore the various artwork, and it will take 2 hours to see all of them. We recommend taking your time and seeing leisurely!

Check out the highlight of teamLab Planets: Garden Area.

The highlight of teamLab Planets is the garden area. Check out this floating garden that has a background of the garden shown in the advertisement. 

All the flowers are real; you can see them on the ceiling and go up and down! You cannot touch it, but you see how special and unique it is, which creates unforgettable memories. 

Tips on how to purchase the ticket

TeamLab Planets Tokyo offers timed entry tickets for visitors! To prevent overcrowding during each hour, too many people at once can disrupt the immersive experience! 

Please remember that tickets sell out quickly, especially for specific time slots. For the ones who cannot purchase the tickets you desire, try to keep switching the hours, so you might be able to make the reservation! We advise you to align your schedule with the available time slots, which may be difficult to visit at specific desired hours. 


What's Included

  • teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM Admission Ticket

What's Not Included

  • Travel Insurance
  • Guided Tour

How To UseHow To Use

  • Please check your mobile voucher via email. 
  • On the selected date, you can present your voucher with the QR code directly at the venue's local facility for admission. (For a teenager or youth must bring a student ID card). 
  • The voucher is only available on the selected date. 

teamLab Planets, Tokyo Toyosu
teamLab Planets TOKYO, Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Open in Google Maps

How to get there:

Yurikamome Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line (ゆりかもめ東京臨海新交通臨海線): 1minute walk from Shin-Toyosu Station (新豊洲駅)
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line(東京メトロ有楽町線): 10-minute walk from Toyosu Station (豊洲駅) and Lalaport Toyosu (ららぽーと豊洲)
Yurikamome Tokyo waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line(ゆりかもめ東京臨海新交通臨海線): 6 minute walk from Shiokaze- mae Station (市場前駅) and Toyosu Market (豊洲 市場). 


December - February
Weekdays 10:00 AM - 21:00 PM
Weekend and Holidays: 09:00 AM - 21:00 PM

*12/26-12/30, 1/2-1/6 ------> 09:00 AM - 21:00 PM
*12/31-1/1 -----> 09:00 AM - 20:00 PM

Last Admission: 1 hour before closing. 
Hours may vary. Please check the official website for details here. 



teamLab Planets TOKYO, Toyosu 6-1-16, Koto-ku, Tokyo


What to RememberWhat to Remember

Things to be cautious
  • Same-day booking is available. 
  • Only avilable to enter teamLab Planets Tokyo. 
  • Please enter on the selected date, and stand on the queue to enter. 
  • Youth ticket is for middle and high school students.
  • For youth or teenagers, please bring your valid ID card. 
  • Please remember that the hours indicated on the ticket is not the length of the stay in the facility. 
  • Please be aware that one accompanying participant must be in the queue when you leave the line. (If you come alone, please inform the nearest staff). 
  • Please keep your strollers at the designated area and enter. 
  • Kids under 13 must accompany by a guardian; they are not allowed to enter by themselves. 
  • Wheelchairs are accessible for teamLab Planets, yet the water area of artworks may be impossible to enter, so please use a different route on the guardian of the local staff. 
  • For the ones who brought their wheelchairs, please exchange them for the ones provided by teamLab Planets! 
  • Please understand that the wheelchair provided are not equipped with wheelchair fixtures. 
  • Please be aware re-entry is not permissible; after entering, no refund may be available. 
  • Ages 0-3 years old can enter for free. 

Things to be precautious on facility use

  • Please take off your shoes and go barefoot to use the facility. 
  • Please be aware there are places where you can get wet up to your knees for adults. 
  • For kids, please bring spare clothes or wear clothes that can be wet.
  • Please understand you may not proceed to the next exhibit with wet clothes.
  • Please do not swim in water areas. 
  • Please keep in mind the floor is made with glass/mirror, so please avoid wearing a skirt or trousers with wide hems; your underwear can be see-through. 
  • Please be aware there are places with strong light stimulation and dark places in the room. 
  • Please keep an eye on your child or children, and be cautious with them. 
  • If it is overcrowded, staff may guide customers who have stayed long to proceed. 
Baggage Precautions
  • For your note, there is lockers available for free, so after you enter the entrance, please store your luggage in the locker area. 
  • The size of a locker to store is 26cm X 49.5cm X 87.5cm. 
  • Please be aware you cannot store your belonging that are oversize in the locker size. 
  • If your belonging exceeds the locker size, please store in the stroller storage by locking the wire lock. 
Things Prohibited
 From going against the rules or violating the prohibited matters,  you will be asked to leave by the local staff. 
  • Please do not get drunk or cause harm to other customers. 
  • Smoking and eating is prohibited inside the faciltiy. 
  • Please do not film or report without consent. 
  • Pets are not allowed
  • Carring in dangerous goods or items are prohibited. 
  • Re-entry is not permissible. 
Additional things to cautious
  • We are not responsible for your loss or theft of valuables. 
  • Please be understanding there may be filming and more without prior notice. 
  • If you have experience spasms or loss of consciousness due to light/ photostimulation, please avoid participating. 
  • For those afraid of dark places, high places, and so on, please avoid participating. 
  • For more information, please check the official website here. 


  • Please be aware if you go against the rules and prohibited things, you may be asked to leave without a refund. 
  • Under ages 0-3 years old can join for free.
  • Under age 13 years old must accompany adults or guardians, by themselves are prohibited. 
  • For youth tickets, college students, and middle and high school students. 
  • After reservation, you cannot get a refund or cancel the ticket. 
  • Starting from May 8th, it has removed the title of 'class 5 infectious disease', so no more excuses will be made by Covid-19 or cancel the ticket. 
  • Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms - solidified light color, sunrise, and sunset can be viewed during the light rain showers, yet if there is a heavy typhoon or strong winds, this exhibition may be temporarily suspended. 

Cancellation and Refund

Reservations for this product cannot be refunded or changed after purchase.
US$ 26.9810%
US$ 24.28

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