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Airport Bus

Kansai Airport Limousine One-Way Ticket

US$ 4.4611%
US$ 3.98
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  • Instant ConfirmationInstant Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • Varies by optionsVaries by options
  • Use within the validity periodUse within the validity period
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

❣️Kansai Airport Limousine is the official partner of Korea. 
❣️ Please redeem your ticket at the airport; no redeeming at your departure point. 
❣️For roundtrips, please select each departing option for purchase.
❣️If you did not receive it at the ticketing kiosk due to running out of paper, please get help from the staff to re-redeem that paper ticket.



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I have used both the Rapi:t and the airport limousine buses and found the bus to be more convenient! It was most convenient to load and unload all the luggage! When choosing between the two, choose a location close to your accommodation! The Rapi:t bus gets off at Nankai Namba Station, and the airport limousine bus gets off at Namba OCAT, so I think you can choose whichever is more convenient for you! And the airport limousine bus has a variety of destinations, including Namba, Umeda, Osaka Station, and more! It was very convenient and very good. ✿(′ᵕ′*) I plan to use it again when I go again next February!


Start your Osaka trip 
by Kansai Airport Limousine Bus

Travel around Osaka with ease by taking the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus! Once aboard, you can go to not only Osaka Station but also other destinations such as Shinsaibashi, Uehonmachi, Tempozan, Universal Studios Japan, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and many more. This offers a convenient way to explore the city without any hassle.


Anywhere you would like to go from Kansai Airport, 
Hop in the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus

If you're looking for a comfortable and convenient way to travel, consider taking a Kansai Airport Limousine Bus ride. You can choose from various routes, including Namba Station, Osaka Station, Kyoto Station, and Kaiyukan/USJ by Osaka Kansai Airport Limousine Bus, depending on your destination. All you need to do is purchase a ticket for your desired travel location, and you're good to go! It's that simple. If you're searching for a cost-effective way to travel, then don't hesitate to use Kansai Airport Limousine Bus for your start and end of your travel.

Here's where your bus stop is!

1. Kansai Airport Terminal 1 / Bus stop at the Terminal 1 on the 1st floor:

1. To Kansai Airport Observation Hall
2. To Senboku Newtown・Kongo・Kawachi Nagano/ To Awaji・Naruto・Tokushima
3. To Wakayama, To Ibaraki/ To Nanko・Tempozan・Universal Studios Japan™ 
4. To Amagasaki, To Nishinomiya
5. To Osaka Sta.・Chayamachi・Shin Umeda City・Shin-Osaka・Senri Newtown/ To Nankai Namba Sta. (Midnight bus)
6. To Kobe Sannomiya・Rokko Island/ To Himeji・Kakogawa
7. To Kintetsu Uehommachi・Shinsaibashi Takamatsu/ To Abeno Harukas
8. To Osaka Airport・Hotarugaike Sta./ To Highway Kyotanabe・Kyoto Sta. Hachijoguchi・Kyoto City
9. To Nara To Kintetsu Gakuemmae・Gakken Toshi/ To Yamatoyagi
10. To Temmabashi Sta. Neyagawa・Hirakata・Kuzuha To Higashi Osaka
11. To Namba (OCAT)/ Okayama
12. To Rinku Premium Outlet

2. Kansai Airport Bus Stop Terminal 2: 

1. To Osaka Sta.・Chayamachi・Shin Umeda City・Shin-Osaka・Senri Newtown
2. To Osaka Airport・Hotarugaike Sta./To Highway Kyotanabe・Kyoto Sta. Hachijoguchi・Kyoto City
3. To Amagasaki/ To Nishinomiya/ To Nankai Namba Sta. (Midnight bus)
4. To Kobe Sannomiya・Rokko Island/ To Himeji・Kakogawa/ To Koyasan (Okuno In Mae)
5. To Nara/ To Yamatoyagi/ To Kintetsu Gakuemmae・Gakken Toshi
6. To Namba (OCAT)/ To Okayama
7. To Wakayama/To Ibaraki/ To Nanko・Tempozan・Universal Studios Japan™
8. To Kintetsu Uehommachi・Shinsaibashi Takamatsu/ To Abeno Harukas
9. To Senboku Newtown・Kongo・Kawachi Nagano/ To Awaji・Naruto・Tokushima
10. To Temmabashi Sta./ To eyagawa・Hirakata・Kuzuha/ To Higashi Osaka

Check out the bus schedule

Kansai Airport Limousine bus schedule varies on each route. 

Here's the bus schedule :
Osaka Sta. Chayamachi, Shin Umeda City, Shin-Osaka, Senri Newtown, Senrichuo: Check out the timetable here.
Kintetsu Uehommachi, Shinsaibashi: Check out the timetable here.
Kyoto Station, Kyoto city, Highway Kyotanabe: Check out the timetable here.
Namba(OCAT): Check out the timetable here.
USJ: Check out the timetable here. 

Guidelines on checked baggage

Please note that the Kansai Airport Limousine Bus can accommodate up to 2 pieces of luggage per person. 

Baggage standards guidelines :
Total weight within 30kg
Baggage with a total capacity of 0.25 m³ and a maximum side length of 2 m.


What's Included

  • Kansai Airport Limousine Bus one-way ticket 
Based on option selected
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Osaka Station (Umeda) one-way ticket
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Kintetsu Uehommachi one-way ticket
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Kyoto one-way ticket
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Tempozan / USJ
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Namba (OCAT)
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Wakayama
  • Kansai Airport ⇄ Kobe Sannomiya

What's Not Included

  • Travel insurance

How To UseHow To Use

  • You will receive a mobile voucher after booking.
  • Under the admin name, you will receive an email with the link. Please check your voucher via email.
  • On the day of use, please scan your QR code at the Kansai Aiport Ticketing Vending Machine to receive your ticket. 
  • Show your ticket to the bus driver or staff at the bus stop. 
  • Voucher validity: valid up to 364 days from purchase date (364 days, not 365 days). 

Redemption Point (Ticketing Vending Machine) :

Kansai Airport Terminal 1

▲ North, information counter

▲ South, information counter

▲ A Bus Ticket

▲ B Bus Ticket

▲ C Bus Ticket

▲ D Bus Ticket

Kansai Airport Terminal 2

▲ A Bus Ticket

Kansai Airport Terminal 2, International Counter

International Flight Counter

Waiting area in front of the south entrance on the 1st floor of Shin Hankyu Hotel (Osaka-Umeda → Kansai Airport only)

▲ Exchange is only possible in the direction from Osaka-Umeda to Kansai Airport.

Operation hours timeline : 
Hours vary by route, so please check the official website for details here. 


1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 549-0001


What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • ou can pick up immediately after purchasing. This product is an automatic reservation product, and same-day booking is available. 
  • The voucher is valid up to 364 days from the purchase date (364 days, not 365 days). 
  • Please redeem the physical ticket at Kansai Airport; without exchanging, there will be an extra cost that needs to be paid. 
  • Please prepare yourself for Pocket WiFi or any other ways to use the internet or any other communication method. 
  • Depending on traffic conditions, the selected time may be postponed. 
  • We are not liable for any delay-caused damage unless we are at fault.
  • Please note up to two pieces of luggage can be stored in the trunk room per person. (Example: (with a total weight of less than 30kg, a total capacity of 0.25m³, and the total length of the three sides (width, length, height) of less than 2m).
  • Please do not place your valuable or fragile items in your checked baggage. We do not have any responsibility if it is damaged or lost. 
  • Please avoid eating or bringing food on the bus, which can cause strong smells or make lots of noise. 
  • Please note if you have purchased multiple tickets per reservation, only bulk exchanges are available on-site. 
  • If you would like for 'split exchange', please reserve separately. If you have already purchased, please cancel the existing reservation and re-purchase it. 
  • Kyoto Station Hachijo → Kansai Airport For in-advance reservations, please call +81-75-682-4400 (09:00-19:00). (Japanese and English available)
  • For Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit → Kansai Airport, you can use the reserved seat ticket machine on site. However, if all seats are full, please use for next round. 
  • For Nara → Kansai Airport, For in-advance reservations, please call +81-742-22-5110 (09:00-19:00). (Japanese available)
  • For Nara → Kansai Airport, you can use the reserved seat ticket machine on site, but if all seats are full, you might have to use it for the next round. 
  • Children under 1-6 years old can join for free per adult or child accompanying them. An additional charge will be made for bringing two. 
  • Child rates apply if an infant occupies an infant seat. 
  • Infants under 1 year old can join for free. 
  • For the city → airport route, you must purchase a ticket in advance at the airport. (Ticketing within the city is unavailable)
  • Available for exchange for going from Osaka - Umeda to Kansai Airport direction only, you can exchange at Shin Hankyu Hotel 1st floor at the south entrance. 
  • Please note if you get multiple tickets per reservation, only bulk exchanges are available on-site. 
  • If you wish for a 'slipt exchange', please make a separate reservation. If you have already purchased, please cancel the exciting reservation and purchase again. 

Cancellation and Refund

1 or more days prior to the scheduled visit date: A full refund
Cancellation on the scheduled visit date or no pick-up: A partial refund of 90%
(Same applies to the situation of natural disaster)
Customer Service
US$ 4.4611%
US$ 3.98

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