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Extreme Sports

❣️ Tokyo Street Kart

US$ 87.339%
US$ 79.32
Available from Jun 19, 20244.6See reviews  >
Tokyo >


  • 48 Hours Confirmation48 Hours Confirmation
  • 1 person1 person
  • Printed or mobile voucherPrinted or mobile voucher
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • English,JapaneseEnglish,Japanese
ProviderNinja Travel
Check before traveling

Check before traveling

❣️WAUG is the official partner of Toko Street Kart!
❣️Lowest price guaranteed


If you are looking for a unique activity,
go for Tokyo Street Kart

Are you looking for a unique experience? Join now for Tokyo Street Kart to race down Tokyo. You can purchase 1 or 2-hour go-kart according to your travel schedule, then you are off to run down the street. Expect to be greeted by the bystanders, so feel free to wave! 

We guarantee your safety with a professional English-speaking driver guide with an international driving permit. Have unforgettable memories as you kart your way around the city!



The Ultimate Tokyo Adventure,
Tokyo Street Kart

Are you looking for a distinguishable experience in Tokyo? Put on extraordinary character costumes, and get on the go-kart to run down Tokyo! On the lead of a professional English-speaking driver guide, you will drive through Tokyo's landmarks by passing by the buildings and trees. 

If you want an extraordinary journey, have fun with a go-kart equipped with an automatic transmission, traffic lights, and adjustable seats, and reach speeds up to 60 km per hour! Make your Tokyo Street Kart use easy — dress up in your favorite character costumes and speed your way along the top attractions in Tokyo! 

Let's go racing!

Get a discounted Tokyo Street Kart Ticket from WAUG and enjoy the street kart experience! Note that you must have a valid home country driver's license or IDP issued in your country, required with Japanese translation documents. (This is an absolute must since you will be driving, yet boarding requirements vary)

Pick a costume that suits you best

Before stepping into the go-kart, choose the costume you like. Keep your heads up; you would not have various choices based on the same costumes, so picking an outfit before it is gone is essential! A cute animal-themed character of variety is all prepared! Don't get embarrassed, be the trend on the road. Being on one street with a costume on is cute and fun! 

With a skilled guide,
safety is assured!

Haven't tried go-karting before? Don't worry! The experienced guide will be with you along the way until you make it to the end.

See the top tourist spots by karting

Give a heads up: a wide variety of starting points and courses are available at Tokyo Street Kart. Be a social butterfly on the way to driving a kart. Tips.

Tips. Go to the Akihabara branch to see all of Tokyo's landmarks. If you are interested in Japanese culture or like to be surrounded by a traditional village atmosphere, go for the Asakusa branch. 

Guidelines for each store

Each branch has a unique course, so please check the details before booking! 

1. Official Street Kart at Tokyo Bay

At the Tokyo Bay branch, undertake the speed and thrill of racing across the Rainbow Bridge and admire Tokyo's landmark, the Tokyo Tower. Have fun on your own or with your friends! 

The key tourist attractions include Odaiba, the Rainbow Bridge, and the Tokyo Tower.  
✨ Please check the details of Tokyo Branch details here. 

2. Official Street Kart in Shibuya

If you want to venture into racing through Tokyo's lush forest of buildings while cosplaying, choose the Shibuya branch. Shibuya Crossing is shown in countless films, except to be greeted by countless bystanders. Check out Tokyo's fashion street, Harajuku, and the latest fashion in the trendy area of Omotesando! 

The Key tourist attractions include the Shibuya Crossing, Harajuku, and Omotesando.  
Please check the details of information of the  Shibuya branch here. 

3. Original Street Kart in Akihabara

Put on costumes and go race down the streets of Akihabara, the holy land of Japanese anime and games. A must-go spot for the holy land of manga (cartoons) for anime lovers --- take pictures also! 

✨The key tourist attractions include Akihabara, Doko Station, and Ginza. 
✨The Akihabara branch is closed every Tuesday and Thursday. 
✨Please check the details of the Akihabara branch from the official website here. 

4. Official Street Kart at Asakusa

Get ready to drive around the historic town of Asakusa! Be in a time-traveling from the era of the Samurai to the present. We particularly recommend to beginners to see the traditional Japan, like Asakusa and Kaminarimon! After that, go embark on to see Japan's tallest tower, Tokyo Skytree. 

✨Key tourist attractions include Asakusa, Kaminarimon, and Skytree. 
✨The Asakusa branch is closed on Wednesday and every other Thursday. 

Please check the official website for details of the Asakusa branch here. 


What's Included

  • Go-kart rental (gas included)
  • Costume rental
  • Guide driver
  • Photo Shoot
  • Car Insurance

What's Not Included

  • Action Camera
  • Camera Mount
  • Nintendo character costume (Please do not wear it or any related/reminiscent Nintendo character; you can get rejected) 

How To UseHow To Use

  • You will receive a mobile voucher via email or the WAUG app.
  • Please print out or use the mobile voucher. 
  • Show the staff your mobile voucher, passport, and valid home country driving license with Japanese translation. 
  • This voucher is valid only on the selected date. 
  • *Use the WAUG app to view your mobile voucher instantly.
  • *Please provide a valid home country driving license or IDP (International Driving Permit) issued in your country and Japanese translation documents. (must comply with your national agreement). Nevertheless, please confirm requirements before departure, it all varies!

Address :

Street Kart Tokyo Bay (Official Street Kart at Tokyo Bay) 
2 Chome-10 Shinkiba, Koto City, Tokyo 136-0082 Japan
Open in Google Maps

Street Kart Shibuya (Official Street Kart in Shibuya)
Japan 〒150-0044 Tokyo, 15-3 Street Kart Maruyama-Cho Shibuya-ku 1F
Open in Google Maps

Street Kart Akihabara (1st Shop - Original Street Kart in Akihabara)
4 Chome-12-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
Open in Google Maps

Street Kart in Asakusa (Official Street Kart at Asakusa)
3-chōme-25-31 Nishiasakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan
Open in Google Maps

* For 'Street Kart Tokyo Bay,' please arrive 15 minutes early before the start. Others, please arrive 15 minutes before the start. 
*Street Kart Tokyo Bay Contacts: 81(0)80-2277-2277

Hours :
Hours may vary by store, so please select your timeslot based on each operating hour. 

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Your booking is not complete until you have received your voucher.
  • Groups who wish to ride together may make a single booking under one lead traveler.
  • This activity is available to participants 18 years and above.
  • People 145-185 cm tall and weighing 100 kg or less can use this service.
  • One go-kart can only accommodate 1 person.
  • Users have responsibility for any damage to the Kart while driving.
  • Whether or not you choose to ride in the rain is up to you, yet you will be responsible in all cases.
  • If there is severe heavy rain, the drive may be canceled. You can reschedule your reservation for free.
  • Please note that weekend evenings (04:00 PM - 07:00 PM) are always fully booked, so please reserve 1 month in advance. 
  • The costume availability may vary depending on the local conditions. 
  • Please wear comfortable shoes. 
  • The guide is in English only. Japanese-language assistance may not be available depending on the local conditions.
  • You will receive drive photos instantly after the drive. 
  • The Akihabara branch is closed every Tuesday and every other Thursday.
  • The Asakusa branch is closed every Wednesday and every other Thursday.
  • Every Sunday, 12:00 AM - 06:00 PM is 「Pedestrian Pardise」, which allows walking freely on the road, and Kokusai Street is not on the road (no driving). 
  • Please provide a valid home country driving license or IDP  (International Driving Permit) issued in your country and Japanese translation documents (must comply with your national agreement). Nevertheless, please confirm driving requirements before departure, it all varies!
  • Nintendo character costumes are not offered at all due to copyright issues. Bringing your own is strictly prohibited. Additionally, clothing reminiscent of Nintendo characters may be rejected by staff.
  • On the day of use, show the staff your mobile voucher, passport, and valid home country driving license or IDP issued in your country with Japanese translation documents. Even if you miss bringing one of the three items, a refund cannot be made. 

Rider Eligibility 

Customers must ensure that they are eligible to participate in the activity by checking the conditions below. Those who are ineligible may not be entitled to a refund. 

  • Customers must have necessary documents, like an international driving permit or a home country driving license. 
  • Customers must not wear open-toe shoes during this activity, e.g. sandals, open-toe slippers, etc.
  • Customers who are pregnant or have health problems, like injuries
  • Customers not following the instructions of local staff
  • Customers who are judged to be difficult to participate by local staff
  • Under 18 years old
  • Customers who have been drinking alcohol.
  • *Refunds are not available due to these circumstances. 
Insurance guidelines
  • Property insurance: Unlimited
  • Liability insurance: Unlimited
  • Self: Up to 30 million JPY
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Waiver of deductible applies
Valid International Driving Permit Required
  • Japanese SOFA license
  • Valid home country driving license or IDP (International Driving Permit) issued in your country. (must comply with your national agreement). Nevertheless, please confirm your driving requirements before departure; it all varies!
  • JAF Japanese translation documents. 
Comfortable Shoes Required
  • You must wear comfortable shoes to join the activity.
  • Open-toe shoes are prohibited during this activity (e.g. sandals, open-toe slippers, etc.).


Cancellation and Refund

7 days before the scheduled visit date: Full refund
6 days prior - on the day of the scheduled visit date: 100% cancellation fee incurred

*Refunds and changes can be requested during business days from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM on weekdays.
*No refunds for not having a passport or license.
*A cancellation due to bad weather or the course time is changed; a full or partial refund is possible.
Customer Service
US$ 87.339%
US$ 79.32

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