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Island Hopping & Snorkeling Tour

❤️ Cebu WAUG Originals Luxury 3 Island Hopping Tour (Champagne Party and Unlimited Drinks)

US$ 101.4730%
US$ 70.74
Available from Jun 16, 20245.0See reviews  >
Cebu >


  • 24 Hours Confirmation24 Hours Confirmation
  • Duration of 8 hoursDuration of 8 hours
  • Hotel pick upHotel pick up
  • Mobile voucherMobile voucher
  • 10 people10 people
  • Use only on the scheduled dateUse only on the scheduled date
  • Cancellation availableCancellation available
  • EnglishEnglish



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star rate
I went to Cebu and tried hopping for the first time.

 I bought it once while buying other things from WAUG and tried it.

 I was worried because there were no reviews, but it was so good

 When I asked, they said it hadn't been open in a while.

 I think it would be nice to know more, so I'm posting a review.

 I played very well, thank you


'Luxury Hopping Tour with Champagne Party'

"Imagine for a unique hopping tour being created!"

You may wonder, "Why are all the hopping tours on the same itinerary?"

WAUG has put much effort into providing you with a unique and exciting tour experience. Are you looking for something different from the usual tours that are also luxurious and fun in a reasonable price? WAUG Originals has brought out this 'Luxury Hopping Tour with Campagne Party.' This tour can shout out to three pros : 1) Snorkeling on Cebu 3 Island 2) A clean and sanitized life jacket from WAUG 3) A pleasant and well-organized meal and champagne. All these are offered so you can enjoy the hopping tour. 

Are you ready for this luxury hopping tour off-board to Cebu? It's your chance to have fun now and to the fullest! 


WAUG has brought only to you,
join us for this 3 Island Hopping Tour with a Champagne Party!

WAUG Originals has brought this 'Luxury 3 Island Hopping Tour with Champagne Party in Cebu'. We tried our best to bring up something different, a Hopping Tour that you can enjoy in Cebu.

With only a private WAUG Pink cruise, we will tour the three islands: Pandanon, Nalusuan, and Hilutungan! All our Pink crews will bring the vibe of excitement to be hyper through various kinds of shows and recreations. Plus, take your one-lifetime photo in Pandanon and having a delicious lunch. Then, you will head back to Mactan to enjoy the highlight of the tour, the Champagne Party. This tour differs from the regular Hopping Tours you have experienced in Cebu, making it a perfect choice for a unique experience.

WAUG Originals Cruise

Cebu WAUG Originals Luxury 3 Island Hopping Tour is based on an exclusive WAUG tour. You can experience the emerald-like sea at the front of the cruise, and a tent will block the bright sun! This pink-colored WAUG Originals Cruise will give the spotlight anywhere. We also assure you of the safety of hopping tours on these three islands. 

* This cruise operates on the peak days. 

Meet all the three islands together!

Other hopping tours usually offer tours of only two islands, yet we, WAUG Originals, provide tours of three islands. 

Pandanon Island has a beautiful sea and landscape; we will take a picture for you!  Nalusuan Island and Hilutungan Island are famous for snorkeling. If you prefer diving, they will select the diving option on Hilutugnan Island. We picked each island's characteristic to bring fun adventures to these famous three islands! 

Are you ready to have fun on the cruise?

Cebu Hopping Tour is a tour that is full of enjoyment and excitement awaits you! On the way to each island, WAUG Originals has prepared various shows and games to enjoy every moment on the cruise. However, the game's content is on 'secrets,' so anyone can have fun. Are you worried that you may feel left out because you're introverted? Don't worry! We've taken care to ensure that everyone, regardless of personality type, can feel the adrenaline rush of this fantastic hopping tour. So why wait? Join us on this exciting adventure in Cebu with WAUG Originals!

A tasty meal ready for you

While you are having a venture during the tour, without good food, it cannot be said it is the best tour! WAUG Originals has brought you the best meals, our tour's biggest pros. We have selected various menus based on your taste. We offer a buffet for lunch, including several types of fries and an unlimited BBQ with beers to fill your empty tummy. 

Snacks are a miracle! We have carefully selected the best Philippine mangoes, a variety of snacks, bananas, watermelons, tangerines, and even noodles for you to enjoy on your cruise. You won't have a single moment of hunger, as WAUG Originals has prepared everything for you.

All equipments are on WAUG Originals! 

You may get awful if the equipment provided for the hopping tour is old and smelly! WAUG Originals has brought all the new equipment for the hopping tour. It's all clean and nice with the WAUG Originals branded on the logo, so you can figure out whether he/she is one of your group members! 

Don't worry about the safety.

Safety concerns always arise since the hopping tour is an activity on land. With captain crews who are highly skilled at creating bonds for safety, we will ensure that you have fun while you are safe. If you quickly get scared of water, don't worry! We all have your back to have fun without worries, so join us to experience this tour with WAUG Originals.

Is it more expensive?

All WAUG Originals follow the lowest price range to offer you a high-quality tour. Cebu WAUG Originals Luxury 3 Island Hopping Tour is the tour that is the lowest price that you can join. 

Why picking WAUG Originals is vital?
Let's find out about it from the following

1. We strictly care and plan the tour

WAUG has lots of travel products to offer the purchasers. However, WAUG Originals is something different from other products. It's because we have selectively picked on these WUAG Originals having thought of as if we are the travelers on the travel destination. We strictly plan out and operate the tour, like picking on local operators, private vehicles, guides qualifications or skills, vehicle conditions, whether the tour programs are efficient or will be perfect for the tourists, and many other various levels to go through, to provide the ideal tour than any other travel agencies or companies. Trust us: WAUG Originals offers you the best out of the best. 

2. Looking for different? Only in WAUG

WAUG is officially partnered with the best partners to lead a result of unique and different tours from others.

According to the feedback of thousands and tens of thousands of customers, WAUG offers the perfect tour routes via 'WAUG Originals Tours.' Regarding the title of the WAUG brand name, we will always care for the best outcome for the tour for the purchasers. We don't just create the most efficient, caring, and different tours; we guarantee that your experience will be worth it by joining the WAUG Originals tour.

Tour Course



What's Included

  • Free pick-up/drop-off from all Mactan resorts
  • Latest GoPro underwater shooting and photo transfer (storage period: 2 weeks)
  • A manager on board
  • Luggage storage is available in the office
  • Prepare emergency medicine
  • All snorkeling equipment (life jacket, mask, flippers, towel, baby mask, etc.) 
  • Unlimited onboard ramen (noodles), beverages, bottled water, beer (various types), BBQ skewers, fruit
  • Special champagne party on board
On the way to the massage shop
  • Noah Spa or Oasis Spa, or King Spa (selectable after consultation on KakaoTalk)
  • (Accommodation drop possible)

What's Not Included

  • Personal swimming supplies
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, etc.
  • Personal expenses (Tips)
  • Cebu City pick-up (available in options)
  • Go to travel insurance

How To UseHow To Use

  • You will receive a mobile voucher via email or the WAUG app. 
  • Show your mobile voucher at your hotel lobby to the guide for the tour. 
  • The voucher is valid only on the selected date. 

Meeting Point :
Meet at your hotel lobby. 
*Hotel pick-up time may vary by location. 

Meeting Time :
Cebu City option selected 08:30 AM - 09:00 AM
Standard Mactan resort pick-up 09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
* Hours vary by each hotel so we will notify you in advance. 
* Please arrive 10 minutes earlier. 

Local Contacts : 
Kakao Talk Channel: @비오비투어 (in Korean)

What to RememberWhat to Remember

  • Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation voucher.
  • The minimum departure number is 10 people.
  • If members of your group are staying at different hotels, please fill out each of the hotels.
  • Please check your voucher for the exact pick-up time.
  • You will be considered a no-show if you are more than 15 minutes late for the meeting time.
  • We do not offer refunds or changes for no-shows or late arrivals.
  • We recommend that you always leave your valuables with the guide. Also, do not carry around the expensive items with you.
  • Depending on the tour circumstance, the tour time and itinerary may be subject to change. 
  • We suggest that you wear appropriate clothes for water activities.
  • If you have your snorkeling gear, you can bring it with you.
  • This product is carried out as a shared tour, not as a private tour product.
  • You can coordinate any changes related to the restaurant or schedule by getting in touch with the on-site guide.
  • We recommend registering for travel insurance to prepare for unexpected local situations. 

Cancellation and Refund

Cancellation requested 8 days before product use date; Full refund
Cancellation 7 days before the product use date: 20% of the payment amount will be deducted and the remaining refunded.
Cancellation 3-6 days before the product use date: 50% of the payment amount will be deducted and remaining refunded.
2 days before or on the day of product use or NoShow: Cancellation/change/refund unavilable
US$ 101.4730%
US$ 70.74

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